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Number Publication Date Patent Number Description Status
01 December 25, 2018 US 10,159,556 Method of Inserting A Vein Filter Granted
02 June 04, 2019 US 10,307,175 Atherectomy Device Granted
03 June 30, 2016 US 14/948,182 Atherectomy Device Pending
04 March 16, 2017 US 15/242,557 Atherectomy Device Pending
05 September 28, 2017 US 15/442,584 Atherectomy Device Pending

Clinical Trials

Colin is currently managing the REVEAL Atherectomy trial (NCT02961894). To evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Revolution™ Peripheral Atherectomy System in the treatment of infrainguinal lower extremity peripheral arterial occlusive disease.


Throttle Usage Indicator
I developed this circuit to help analyze and learn from my racing videos. The LED bar-graph allows me to see my throttle position in real time, and when coupled with a video camera I can pin-point throttle usage at any given moment during a race. It is also a good learning tool for newer track riders or those new to a certain track allowing them to see throttle usage at any particular corner. Visit the racing section to see it in action.