CAD & Technical Prints

Medical devices deliver some of the toughest development challenges. Optimized engineering and product design starts with a well-detailed spec with proof of principle builds that prove out the product’s real-world requirements. Taking tolerances into consideration early on allows an assembly to function within a range of the manufacturing variation much more quickly and cheaply than tightening manufacturing tolerances after tooling. Involvement at all stages of the product development cycle from product conceptualization and feasibility to production ready design provides an efficient strategy to market.

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Prototype Parts

  • Plastic Part Rapid Prototyping

  • Assembly & Integration

  • Feasibility Testing (Mechanical, Geometrical, etc.)

  • Optimization Analysis

Molded Parts

  • Production-Ready

  • Cost Optimization

  • Insert Molding & Overmolding

  • Material Selection

Technical Prints

  • Dimensional Requirements

  • Design for Manifacturability (DFM)

  • Validate Drawings Prior to Production

  • Tolerance Analysis