Revolution Peripheral Atherectomy System

The REVOLUTION Peripheral Atherectomy System is a minimally invasive catheter-based atherectomy system that utilizes a diamond-coated burr spinning at 140,000 RPM for treatment. The Revolution Peripheral Atherectomy System is designed for the ablation and removal of thrombus and atherosclerotic plaque from the peripheral arteries. The device is composed of a disposable hand held single piece construction drive unit that is attached to a power supply. The drive unit consists of a coaxial sheath and electrically driven drive shaft for spinning the abrasive burr. The drive shaft has a central lumen, compatible with the Revolution 0.014” guidewire. The catheter has 2 side ports for aspiration and infusion connections. The speed switch aids in rapid exchange of the guidewire by providing a slow spinning setting. The wire and abrasive burr are radiopaque for fluoroscopic visualization.

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Revolution Peripheral Atherectomy System

Cradle to grave development from product conceptualization to product launch

  • Conceptualization

  • CAD design and prototyping

  • DOE and bench testing

  • Non-clinical (Animal) testing

  • Regulatory approval (FDA & CE Mark)

  • Indication expansion

  • Manufacturing and product maintenance

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